Where every


is a bargain!

We’re always on the hunt for a great deal that will save you crazy money. In fact, Deals Outlet offer
discounts up to 90% below regular retail prices and quality brand-name merchandise every day for our customers.

   • Closeouts, including great brand names, that will save you 30-70% off retail prices;
   • Returns and overstocks from other retailers at prices almost too good to be true; and
   • Big savings on brand-name food, household goods, and other family essentials.
That’s crazy savings on accessories, electronics, appliances, sporting goods, home decor, furniture, things for your baby, things for your fur baby…we’ve got so much stuff!!!

We bring in fresh merchandise every week. So, we got to keep it moving once it hits
the store. That means the savings get crazier, but the goods will be gone if you wait too long.

Every Thursday we close to load 4 Truckloads in bins filled in our entire store.
Starts crazy, ends crazier!
Saturday is $10 on entire bins in store, Sunday is $8, Monday is $6, Tuesday is 4,
Wednesday is 2 and Thursday everything is ONE dollar.
WOW! It’s The Greatest Extreme fun Savings Store on Earth.

Deals Outlet
Where is every deal is a Bargain